Boston Bruins Coach Jim Montgomery Emphasizes Living in the Present for Success

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Jim Montgomery preaches “the process” to his Boston Bruins team as a way to keep them focused on the present. His simple strategy means not dwelling on the past or worrying about an uncertain future. Committing to the now yields results.

Montgomery has lived by these principles throughout his career, but he sometimes takes a step back to appreciate the bigger picture. He did so on March 30 when David Pastrnak scored 41 seconds into overtime to secure Boston’s franchise-record 58th win of the season, clinching the Presidents’ Trophy for the league’s best regular-season record and home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs.

Reflecting on the team’s achievements, the first-year coach called it a “magical season so far” and acknowledged the hard work that lies ahead. “We know the hardest part is ahead of us, and we’re looking forward to that grind,” he said.

Boston Bruins and the Presidents’ Trophy Curse: Can They Overcome It?

On the opening night of the playoffs, eight teams took their first step towards the Stanley Cup with four games broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2. The Boston Bruins are one of those teams, but they are wading into historically tumultuous waters, battling the riptide around that ol’ Presidents’ Trophy curse. Despite being a dominant force, regular-season success so rarely translates to playoff wins in the NHL. This article delves into why that is, how hockey stacks up to other sports in that respect, and whether the Bruins can sidestep a Presidents’ Trophy jinx.

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