Detroit Pistons Sexual Harassment Scandal: Rob Murphy Fired After Employee’s Allegations

Detroit Pistons


A former employee of the Detroit Pistons has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against team executive Rob Murphy. DeJanai Raska, who worked as Murphy’s executive assistant, claims that she endured months of harassment, leading to Murphy’s termination as assistant general manager. This article explores the details of Raska’s accusations and the subsequent actions taken by the Pistons organization.

1. Allegations of Harassment

DeJanai Raska shared her harrowing experience with the Detroit Free Press, recounting multiple instances of sexual harassment perpetrated by Rob Murphy. Raska alleges that Murphy engaged in inappropriate behavior, such as grabbing her buttocks and even groping her in the presence of her young daughter. Furthermore, Murphy made explicit remarks, expressing his desire to impregnate her. Raska also accuses Murphy of attempting to coerce her into having sexual relations. In light of these serious allegations, Raska emphasizes the importance of breaking the silence and reclaiming her power.

2. Termination and Company Response

Following a thorough review of the allegations, the Detroit Pistons took decisive action and terminated Rob Murphy from his position as assistant general manager. The team cited a violation of company policy and the terms of Murphy’s employment agreement as the grounds for his dismissal. A national law firm assisted in the investigation that brought forth the facts leading to his termination. However, Murphy has not responded to requests for comment from the Detroit Free Press, leaving his side of the story unheard.

3. Previous Suspension and Promotion

In October of the previous year, the Pistons placed Rob Murphy on leave while initiating an investigation into the allegations against him. This move signaled the organization’s commitment to addressing the issue seriously. Prior to serving as assistant general manager, Murphy held the position of president and general manager of the Pistons’ G League team. His promotion to assistant GM occurred during the 2022 offseason, highlighting the trust placed in him at that time.

4. Fear of Repercussions and Lawsuit

DeJanai Raska revealed that she hesitated to come forward with her accusations due to the fear of losing her job. In May 2022, Murphy sent a fraudulent resignation email to the team’s human resources department on her behalf, leading to her termination. Raska’s lawyers expressed disappointment in the Pistons’ response, alleging that the organization failed to take appropriate action after being informed of the situation. Dissatisfied with the lack of resolution, Raska made the decision to file a lawsuit against the team.

5. Seeking Justice and Accountability

Raska’s attorney, Megan Bonanni, emphasizes their goal of pursuing justice through legal means. Their intention in bringing the accusations to the attention of the Pistons was to encourage the organization to address the issue responsibly. Bonanni claims that the Pistons condoned and approved of Murphy’s behavior, suggesting complicity. Raska’s legal action seeks to hold both Murphy and the organization accountable for the alleged misconduct.


The allegations made by DeJanai Raska against Rob Murphy, a former executive of the Detroit Pistons, shed light on the issue of sexual harassment within the sports industry. Raska’s decision to speak out, despite the potential consequences, is a testament to her courage and determination to reclaim her power. The termination of Murphy and the subsequent legal action taken by Raska illustrate the importance of holding individuals and organizations accountable for such behavior. By addressing these issues head-on, the Pistons organization can strive to create a safe and respectful environment for all employees.

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