Leclerc’s ‘Cut’ Comment in Baku F1 Sprint Race Refers to Cat on Track

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Charles Leclerc, the Ferrari driver, caused a stir during Saturday’s Formula One sprint race in Baku when he reported a “cut.” However, Leclerc later clarified that he was referring to a cat that was in the middle of the road. In this article, we will discuss Leclerc’s comments, the challenges posed by stray animals at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and Ferrari’s progress in Baku.

Leclerc’s Explanation

During the race, Leclerc reported a “cut,” which sounded like an engine failure, while leading the sprint race. This caused some concern among his team and fans. However, in his post-race interview, Leclerc clarified that he was referring to a cat that was in the middle of the road, which prompted the safety car to stop. Leclerc explained that he was the only one who saw the cat, and it had caused no issues with his car’s performance.

Stray Animals at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The Baku street circuit runs through the old town, and the track is surrounded by metal fences designed for safety rather than to keep out stray animals. Cats, feral or otherwise, have been a problem in the past at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. In 2016, one cat darted across the track in front of Lewis Hamilton, and during Saturday’s race, a cat caused the safety car to stop briefly.

Formula One races have faced animal-related challenges in the past. In Turkey, stray dogs were a problem on the track, while viewers of the Canadian Grand Prix have seen groundhogs making a dash for safety at Montreal’s island Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Ferrari’s Progress in Baku

Leclerc, who started on pole position, finished second in the sprint race. He said that Ferrari had made progress and confirmed what they thought about Red Bull still having the upper hand in the race. However, Leclerc was optimistic and said that Ferrari would try to win the race on Sunday.

Ferrari failed to win any points in the previous race in Australia, but they were adamant that progress was being made. The team boss, Fred Vasseur, said that Saturday’s race had provided more evidence of progress. In qualifying, Ferrari was quicker than Red Bull, and in the race, they were able to fight with Perez and Verstappen. However, Vasseur acknowledged that there was still work to be done in terms of pace.


Leclerc’s comments about the cat may have caused some confusion during the race, but they highlight the challenges posed by stray animals at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Despite this, Ferrari has made progress in Baku, and they will be looking to take maximum points in Sunday’s race. With the ongoing rivalry between Red Bull and Ferrari, it promises to be an exciting race.

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