“Seattle Mariners Unveil New City Connect Uniforms”

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The Seattle Mariners recently unveiled their new City Connect uniforms, which have been designed to pay tribute to the city’s culture and history. The uniforms feature a unique color scheme and design that is sure to catch the eye of fans and opponents alike.

Design and Inspiration

The City Connect uniforms are primarily blue and yellow, which are the colors of the city’s flag. The jerseys feature a bold “Seattle” text across the chest, and the team’s logo has been altered to include a compass rose and a trident.

The inspiration for the uniforms came from Seattle’s maritime history, as well as the city’s connection to aviation and technology. The compass rose represents Seattle’s role as a hub of commerce and transportation, while the trident is a nod to the city’s connection to the sea.

The Mariners worked closely with Nike to design the uniforms, with the team providing input on the color scheme and logos. The collaboration between the team and Nike has resulted in a unique and visually striking uniform that captures the essence of the city.

Fan Reaction

The reaction to the new uniforms has been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans praising the team for their bold and innovative design. The uniforms have been praised for their unique color scheme and incorporation of Seattle’s history and culture.

Some fans have also noted that the uniforms are an improvement over the team’s traditional navy and white uniforms, which have been criticized as being bland and unremarkable.

The team has already seen a surge in merchandise sales since the unveiling of the uniforms, with many fans eager to purchase a jersey or hat featuring the City Connect design.


While the new uniforms have been mostly well-received, there have been some criticisms of the design. Some fans have said that the yellow accents are too bright and distracting, while others feel that the design is too busy.

Additionally, some critics have argued that the uniforms deviate too far from the team’s traditional look, and that the team should have stuck with a more classic design.


The Seattle Mariners’ new City Connect uniforms are a bold and innovative addition to the team’s wardrobe. The uniforms pay tribute to the city’s culture and history, and have been overwhelmingly well-received by fans. While there have been some criticisms of the design, the team’s decision to take a risk with their uniforms has certainly paid off in terms of generating buzz and excitement. The Mariners have once again proven themselves to be a forward-thinking and creative organization, both on and off the field.

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