Stuart Broad Claims Australia’s Ashes Win in 2021-22 Not a Real Victory Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Stuart Broad has claimed that Australia’s 4-0 series win over England in 2021-22 cannot be considered a real Ashes victory due to Covid-19 restrictions, and he has fired the first shot across Australia’s bow ahead of this year’s Ashes. Broad, who is one of England’s key weapons, has predicted that Australia will struggle to react to England’s up-tempo style and that their batters could have difficulties. Despite being beaten comprehensively in four of the five Tests in 2021-22, Broad believes that the quarantine period and the time spent in a bubble meant that it was not a true contest. England’s ‘BazBall revolution’ is likely to dominate the headlines before the series, with Broad warning Australia’s batters not to try to emulate the home side’s style.

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