“The Impact of One Draft on the Dallas Stars’ Present and Future”

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How one draft set up the Stars for now and the future

The NHL draft is a crucial event for any team in the league, as it provides an opportunity to bring in young talent and build for the future. The Dallas Stars are a team that has capitalized on the draft in recent years, and one draft in particular stands out as a turning point for the franchise.

The 2017 NHL Draft

The 2017 NHL Draft was a pivotal moment for the Dallas Stars. Coming off a disappointing season, the team was looking to reload and find players who could make an immediate impact. With the third overall pick, the Stars selected Finnish defenseman Miro Heiskanen, who has since become one of the top young blueliners in the league. Heiskanen’s skillset and potential were evident from the start, and he quickly established himself as a key player for the Stars.

The Importance of Defense

Heiskanen’s selection was a statement of intent from the Stars, as they recognized the importance of building from the back. Defensemen are often undervalued in the draft, as teams are often tempted by the allure of high-scoring forwards. However, a solid defense is essential for any team that wants to contend for a championship. Heiskanen’s arrival signaled a shift in the Stars’ philosophy, as they focused on building a strong defensive core that could support their high-powered offense.

Other Key Picks

While Heiskanen was undoubtedly the headline pick for the Stars in the 2017 draft, the team also made a number of other shrewd selections. Second-round pick Jason Robertson has emerged as a top-six forward for the team, while third-rounder Jake Oettinger has shown promise as a potential starting goaltender. The Stars also added solid depth players in the later rounds, including forwards Jacob Peterson and Brett Davis.

The Impact on the Stars’ Success

The impact of the 2017 draft on the Stars’ success cannot be overstated. Heiskanen’s emergence as a top-tier defenseman has allowed the team to build a solid defensive core, which has helped them to reach the playoffs in each of the past two seasons. Robertson’s emergence as a top-six forward has added another dimension to the team’s offense, while Oettinger’s development has given the Stars stability in net.

Looking to the Future

The Stars’ success in the 2017 draft has set them up well for the future. Heiskanen is only 21 years old and has already established himself as one of the top young defensemen in the league. Robertson and Oettinger are also just 22 years old and have shown that they have the potential to be impact players at the NHL level. With these young players in the fold, the Stars look poised to compete for years to come.


The 2017 NHL Draft was a turning point for the Dallas Stars, as they focused on building a strong defensive core that could support their high-powered offense. The selection of Miro Heiskanen with the third overall pick was a statement of intent from the team, and his emergence as a top-tier defenseman has been a key factor in the Stars’ recent success. With other key picks like Jason Robertson and Jake Oettinger also contributing, the Stars are well-positioned for the future.

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