The Truth About IPL Player Fines: Who Pays the Price?

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The Virat Kohli-Gautam Gambhir Feud: Who Pays the Fine and How Much?

The recent altercation between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir during the Indian Premier League (IPL) has raised questions about the fines imposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Many have wondered how much of a player’s salary is deducted for a fine and who ultimately pays the penalty. Let’s explore this topic further and shed light on some new information.

The Fines Imposed by BCCI

According to the BCCI, Kohli and Gambhir were found guilty of a Level 2 offense and each was fined 100% of their match fee. Based on Kohli’s annual salary of Rs 15 crore, his fee for a game is around Rs 1.07 crore. The total fine for the Lucknow incident, therefore, amounts to approximately Rs 1 crore. However, Kohli will not have to pay this amount as the franchise management of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has decided to bear the burden. This practice varies from team to team, but it seems that many franchises follow a similar approach.

Gambhir’s earnings are still unknown, but it is speculated that his one-match fee is Rs 25 lakh. However, it is likely that the franchise, Lucknow Super Giants, will pay the fine rather than deducting it from Gambhir’s salary.

How the Fine Payment Mechanism Works in IPL

At the end of each season, the BCCI sends an invoice to the franchises for all the fines imposed on their team. It is up to the team to decide whether to deduct the fine from a player’s salary or not. In most cases, the franchise pays the fine, and the player does not have to bear the burden.

Are Fines Effective in Disciplining Players?

Experts have commented that the fines imposed on players are not acting as a deterrent. The responsibility for a player’s actions should lie with the individual, not the team. Therefore, some have suggested that players should be held accountable for their mistakes and acts of indiscipline.

New Facts Highlight Naveen’s Role in the Altercation

New information has emerged regarding the incident involving Kohli and Gambhir. Naveen-Ul-Haq, the Afghan cricketer, is believed to have hurled abuses at Kohli during the match, which escalated the tension between the players. Naveen was fined 50% of his match fee, which amounts to approximately Rs 1.8 lakh.


In conclusion, fines in the IPL are a complex issue. While the BCCI imposes fines on players, it is up to the team to decide whether to deduct the amount from the player’s salary or not. In most cases, franchises take on the burden of paying the fines, and players are not held accountable for their actions. It remains to be seen whether this approach is effective in disciplining players and preventing future altercations.

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